5 Colorful Crochet Blankets

A list of the five most beautiful blankets. They work great as a bed covering, as a form of heating on cool evenings. It is an element of decorating your home. Remember also that a blanket is a good idea for a gift for loved ones, so thanks to this list you can make someone happy.

1. Everyday Baby Blanket

2. Chunky Chevron Throw Blanket

3. Deka Rainbow Blanket

4. Floral Baby Blanket

5. Chenille Chevron Baby Blanket

Everyday Baby Blanket: Freecrochetpatterns.eu
Chunky Chevron Throw Blanket: Dailycrochetideas.eu
Deka Rainbow Blanket: Raverly.com
Floral Baby Blanket: Raverly.com
Chenille Chevron Baby Blanket: Raverly.com

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