Strawberry Hearts Free Crochet Pattern

If you haven’t found a gift for Valentines Day yet, strawberries can be a bull’s eye. A simple crochet pattern that’s why even a beginner will handle it well, you can make decorative strawberry hearts in less than an hour using only a little bit of yarn. If you want to adjust the size to […]

Bewitching Braids Bag Fee Crochet Pattern

Lion Brand wool was used for the design of this bag to make it quickly. This pattern is great for beginners because it is a one-row repetition. The bag is ideal for everyday use or for work, ready size is about 14 inches x 15 inches, dimensions are counted without handles. A link to the […]

Elf Coat Free Crochet Pattern

Elegant, fantasy inspired sweater coat with elven hood was inspired by flowers. Delicate long sleeves in a pointed shape are made of various yarns and create a dazzling effect. The pattern is based on a crochet skirt and uses 9 wedges, but if you need a larger size you need to increase the number of […]

Rumi Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Rumi blanket is a blanket created especially for the birth of a child, was designed by Leelee Knits and the design is 100% free. Use your favourite colour to make the blanket look even better. Choose a soft yarn but one that is machine washable and durable. A link to the free design can be […]

Polly Fingerless Gloves Free Crochet Pattern

Spring is approaching, if you haven’t completed your wardrobe for this season, add The Polly Fingerless Gloves. The design is laceworked in an offset grit pattern so quick and easy to make that you can make more pairs for yourself. A link to this free pattern can be found at the end of the entry. […]

Rainbow Bobble Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Bobble blanket is a design by Smiffis Wilson, it is the first design by this author, but we hope not the last one. The blanket is beautiful and the texture of the bobble is fresh. The size of the blanket can be easily modified, the beautifully finished edges add uniqueness to this project. Take your […]

Blinky Love Monster Free Crochet Pattern

A unique Valentine’s gift is a monster of love! Create this toy mascot and give it to your Valentine’s Day. The finished dimension is 9 inches from top to bottom, but you can personalize your project according to your needs. A link to the free design can be found at the end of this post, […]

Textured Front Post Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

If you are obsessed with decorating interiors, this kitchen cloth will appeal to you. It has a peeling texture and is ideal for both the kitchen and the bathroom, so you can use it like a chef. A link to the free design can be found at the bottom, the design is free thanks to […]

Bernat Mousie Snood Free Crochet Pattern

Soft and warm snood is an object that every mother wants for her toddler. To make this pattern you only need yarn because the instructions are free and the design is specified as simple. If you decide to modify this pattern for your own needs, share a photo of your work with us. A link […]

Fox Baby Blanket Toy Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

The beautiful 3in1 fox works like a toy, blanket and decoration for your room. Design it for your beloved person. The pattern will create a blanket measuring 100cm x 75cm but you can easily personalize it by adding or subtracting the number of chains and rows. The design is easy to make, so I recommend […]