Owls That Decorate Your Interior Free Crochet Patterns

List of owls that will be a beautiful decoration for your home as well as a mascot for your baby. Check our list and choose something for yourself. Do you like owls? Let me know in the comment. Share this entry free crochet patterns if you like this list.

1. Owl Kawaii Cuddler

by: Donna & Michaelene

2. Valentine Heart Owl

by: Sarah Zimmerman

3. Owl amigurumi

by: La Fabrique des songes

4. Abby the Owl

by: Annemarie Benthem

5. Owl Iris

by: Iris F.

6. The Owl Amigurumi

by: Ella Kovalyova

7. Wisdom the Graduation Owl

by: Lisa Wears

8. Owl Mascot

by: Claire Hayes

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