Textured Front Post Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

If you are obsessed with decorating interiors, this kitchen cloth will appeal to you. It has a peeling texture and is ideal for both the kitchen and the bathroom, so you can use it like a chef. A link to the free design can be found at the bottom, the design is free thanks to […]

Fox Baby Blanket Toy Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

The beautiful 3in1 fox works like a toy, blanket and decoration for your room. Design it for your beloved person. The pattern will create a blanket measuring 100cm x 75cm but you can easily personalize it by adding or subtracting the number of chains and rows. The design is easy to make, so I recommend […]

Sweet Caroline Free Crochet Pattern

Sweet Caroline mini CAL is a pillowcase or a large Afghan square, choose what you want to design. Each square measures 20 inches, is ideal as a cushion cover, and you can easily change dimensions to suit your needs. If you want, you can make a great blanket of Afghan squares out of smaller blocks. […]

Snowman friends Free Crochet Pattern

This free pattern of snowmen was created on special order but became free because the author wanted to share it. Snowmen are ideal as toys but you can easily adapt them as Christmas tree decorations by adding string in your favorite color. If crochet or knitting is your hobby, follow our Pinterest profile for more […]

Nya Mosaic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Nya Mosaic blanket pattern is made in crochet technique which only angrams the basic stitches. On the author’s website you will find a written instruction which will help you to make a blanket. With a bit of concentration you will make a unique blanket for yourself or your loved ones as a gift. The pattern […]

Stained Glass Square Free Crochet Pattern

This free pattern will show you how to crochet stained glass. The square is 8 inches in size, you will also find a photo step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to check if you’re doing everything right. The whole square of the photo was taken with a 6.0mm hook. Please visit the design […]

Primrose and Proper Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The spring blanket is distinguished by a lace pattern which is very feminine and delicate, and at the same time will provide the right amount of warmth for cold days. You can spend evenings on this project or make a blanket as a weekend project, which will give you a lot of satisfaction when it […]

Rosa Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

Do you love to crochet CAL? This project will surely appeal to you, you can create a mini CAL in the shape of a rose, daisy or whatever you like. This design is completely free of charge and you can share it on your website, please visit the author’s website for step-by-step instructions. If crochet […]

Purifying Puritans Afghan Block Free Crochet Pattern

The Purifying Puritans pattern is a redesign of a different pattern that has a new step by step tutorial that shows a fairly complicated instruction in a simple way. When doing this pattern, work on thick wool yarn up to 12 inches. You can download the tutorial as a PDF in the link below. If […]

Buffalo Plaid Cup Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

The pattern of a Bavarian plaid cup is something that everyone envies on your favorite mug. It was designed to minimize the heat emanating from the cup. Its size is ideal for many of the largest networks of coffee and tea, so you’ll match it for sure. If crochet or knitting is your hobby, follow […]